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Comparison of Addmen OMR Software with other OMR Software's on the Basis of Design & Printing of OMR Sheets

OMR Sheets are a major part of the OMR process and imposes a high running cost, BUT by virtue Addmen’s OMR Solution, the user has complete control over the OMR Sheet design and OMR sheet printing through a very simple process.

The Even other software gives you the freedom to design, but what may look same by name is a lot different in functionality & utility as their process is typical and has lots of constraints, so it requires a user with high geometric skill to design sheets and is definitely time taking. And users finally submit by using whatever is available rather than venturing into the new OMR sheet design.

Other OMR Solutions OMR Sheets

Sheets have to designed separately first using geometric knowledge and manually aligned bubble matrix. Take too much time to design.

Later a print is scanned and each bubble is calibrated manually by overlapping reading areas which is tedious and involves high skill.

Only 2-colour OMR sheets based on the colour dropping system can be made and used.

High OMR sheet cost at around Rs.1.25 per sheet. Only very good printers can print properly so mostly you have to purchase sheets.

Thick paper and accurate cutting of size is critical for accuracy.

You have to order in advance & maintain stock because procurement takes time.

In case of multi-location use, sheets to be supplied from central stores.

Addmen OMR Software OMR Sheets

Sheets can be designed using simple drag & drop of bubbles. The software does auto alignment & snapping. Comparatively negligible design time.

Definition and calibration are done automatically.


Single colour sheets can be made which are mostly used. 2- colour sheets can also be made.

Negligible cost of OMR Sheet around Rs. 0.50 per sheet. Laser Prints, photocopies and local offset press-all is welcome. Obviously, no stock issues.

A normal A4 copier sheet or any offset paper can be used.

Laser prints can be used in emergencies.

Sheets can be printed by individual centres or users with variations.

Comparison of Effectiveness of Sheet Designing & Printing in Addmen OMR System

Earlier the OMR Machine based technology had a lot of dependencies on Machine vendor and OMR Sheet vendor. Sheet designing is a common feature most OMR companies enlist, but how quick and easy must be enquired. Sheet designing essentially requires the use of Corel Draw, which is a violation of licensing. Coloured OMR sheets are essentially required. High end scanners with colour dropping scanning are required. Having executed colour dropping at the time of scanning itself leaves no scope for logical adjustments to accommodate variations in mark size and intensity.

Addmen software has inbuilt sheet design feature allowing to self design the required format and use any normal b/w printout on normal white paper and any scanner for scanning of sheets. In Addmen OMR Software it would not take more than 10 minutes to design an OMR sheet. The addmen OMR software delivers output in open source formats, compatible with Corel Draw. Black & White prints are absolutely OK. There is an inbuilt colour dropping facility for coloured OMR sheets. That means any low end scanner will also work. Inbuilt colour dropping allows to read sheet at variable thresholds and intensity to maximize the possibility of detection of marks in marginal cases.

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