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OMR Software Features and Technical Specifications that make it the Best OMR Software

Addmen Sheet Scanning Software is an OMR - Optical Mark Reader Software utility which replaces Optical Mark Reader Scanner for automated data processing of OMR Sheets. Addmen OMR Scanner Software includes OMR Answer Sheet Scanner or OMR Test Scanner and OMR Form Reader. Addmen OMR Sheet Reader Software simply needs scanned images of OMR Sheets.

Features Related to Designing of OMR Sheets

Features Related to Printing of OMR Sheets

Features Related to Scanning of OMR Sheets

MCQ OMR Test Management Features

MCQ Test Result / OMR Test Result Outputs

OMR Software Version 13 - Newly Added Features

Accuracy of OMR Results

Speed of OMR Software

User Friendly

Training & Support

Technical & PC Requirements

Other Salient Features

The *Addmen OMR Software is available as 3 versions- Standard, Professional and Server version.

Professional version of the Addmen OMR Software can handle higher volumes of lacks of sheets at a much faster speed and can read special requirement sheets that have been mistakenly printed with missing index points or misaligned bubbles. It is available only as an upgrade to Standard version OMR users with higher requirements.

Server Version of the Addmen OMR Reader is good for organizations working on a large number of distributed locations or the ones who want real-time data integration with their server. The server version of the Addmen OMR software provides license free OMR software usage at the terminal and all the OMR data read at the terminal is uploaded to the OMR Server in real time.

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