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OMR Software Price - Various OMR Software Licensing Options

OMR Reader has 3 modules which can be procured and licensed individually or in combos. Later, when desired more modules can be activated as per need. The user has the flexibility to optimize on budget by getting only limited modules activated which are required at the moment and accordingly charged.

Onetime Price. No annual License Fee

Prices for Addmen OMR Software are onetime price for lifetime License. There is no annual License Fee. Software Updates, Training & Technical Support are free for 1 year. After 1 year client can pay AMC Annual maintenance charges of 10% to avail all updates and technical support.

AMC should not be confused with License Fee. Even if the client does not pay AMC the software license will continue. Only they should maintain their setup which they can use to install later.

Integrated Features & Consolidated Price

In most other software's user have to separately buy OMR Sheet Design facility, OMR Sheet Reader and OMR Result Processing but in Addmen OMR Software all facilities are integrated and included in OMR Answer Sheet Checker Software. inbuilt OMR Sheet Design facility. The OMR Sheet design feature is included in the price of OMR Answer Sheet Checker Software. There is no need to buy separately.

Several different types of OMR Answer Sheets with different number of Questions can be created and evaluated in OMR MCQ Test Answer Sheet Checking Software.

OMR Test Checker also has inbuilt OMR Results processing feature which delivers several types of reports in various formats. It delivers reports in Excel and Graphical Performance reports also.

Different versions available for OMR Sheet Reader Software

Module wise Pricing for Standard OMR Software

Addmen OMR Software contains various modules and has a modular pricing :

Module A: OMR Answer Sheet Checker
Module B: OMR Form Reader
Module C: Question Paper Generator

All are equally priced. Any of the modules can be purchased separately. However the combos of 2 or all 3 of these modules can be purchased at discounted prices if purchased simultaneously.

Upgrade to OMR Professional Version from Standard version OMR Reader

All existing clients can upgrade to Addmen OMR Advanced version by paying the difference amount.

OMR Professional version has a modular set of features which can be selectively purchased to upgrade the standard version according to the specific need of the user.

Certain users also require distributed OMR Reading at different locations, but result processing to be done centrally in one location. This is facilitated by Server connectivity module of OMR Advanced version. This is charged as per number of terminals.

Addmen OMR Licensing Options

Different versions and licensing models available in OMR Software are:

Purchase price of Additional Licenses for more branches

Additional Licenses for the same client can also be purchased at discounted prices if multiple licenses are purchased simultaneously. OMR Software can be downloaded free from but the license is activated after payment of license fee.

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