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Download OMR Software User Guides and Manuals

Download these OMR User Guides for Ready Reference

Below mentioned list of various User Guides and help material for OMR software can be downloaded free from the 'Support' menu in the OMR Sheet Reader Software interface:

All user Guides are illustrative and equipped with screenshots and graphical examples wherever required. Besides explaining the concept of the procedure, the OMR Software User Guides explain the process in a systematic step-by-step order. The User Guides have been developed keeping in mind the ease of operation of a standard user. We have not complicated the guide by mentioning all the options. The most commonly required way of operation have been explained in the user guide. In case there is any specific need for the user, it is explained and demonstrated during the one-to-one training session through desktop sharing.

The User Guides are updated every year with the release of every major version. Mostly the look of the software is likely to change a little with the release of a Major Version update during the beginning of every year. So the screenshots and corresponding procedures are updated in the user guide every year.

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