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Variable Data Printing Features


Variable Printing Software Interface

  1. The print personalization utility works on USB dongle. The VDP utility can be used from its interface or as an API.
  2. If the Variable printing module has been procured with OMR module, depending upon your package it is possible to run the OMR and the variable printing module on different computers. The variable printing module will use an extra standalone USB dongle if it is run separately.
Variable Data Printing Features

Variable Data Printing Template

  1. The VDP module accepts input of template in SVG and Word file format. The word files can be accepted in word in .DOC or .DOCX, then also it is possible to data merge.
  2. Sheet template is created in the OMR Sheet Designer which exports sheet layout in SVG format. It is not essential that the SVG design is created by the OMR designer software. The SVG template to be used as input can also be created by any other means.
  3. The sheet template is designed such that it has data containers placed on the layout with similar names as provided in the excel data. The parameter containers are placed at desired location in the sheet design, which receive input from the data fields from Excel/Access having same names.
  4. Allows flexible placement of data containers according to requirement. Allows grid-free placement of Data field containers by manual movement or by alteration of coordinates at the time of sheet design. Also allows to place containers outside the indexed area in all directions.
  5. Sheet template can contain Text, OCR, Barcode, Lithocode and Image type of data blocks to be printed with personalized data for every sheet. All type of blocks can be printed simultaneously in single pass.
  6. If the data printed on the sheet is to be read back from the OMR-OCR-ICR process, then there are certain minimum size and placement guidelines to be followed.
  7. The templates used can be in color or black and white.
  8. Inkscape (v0.91) software is required for the generating the separated PDF files.

Variable Printing Data

  1. The data input with any desired number of fields can be provided in Excel or Access.
  2. Sometimes the user organization already has its database in some other database which can be used to provide values for data merging. API of the Variable Data Printing module is available to be integrated with third party software.

Variable Data Printing facility is scalable

  1. The print personalization facility is scalable. There is no limit on the count of templates or data merging projects that you create in the software. There is no limit on the number for fields that you can data merge on a sheet layout.
  2. Multi page forms can be printed and collated in specified order to sequentially merge several OMR designs for printing of uniquely numbered duplex OMR Sheets or multipage forms/questionnaires.
  3. It is possible to multi-lingual data values in the database.

Variable Data Printing Output

  1. The VDP software first creates single SVG with merged data then it creates single PDF for every data merged SVG file. Further each single PDF can be merged to create a single PDF of multiple pages.
  2. Possibility to sequentially merge several OMR designs for printing of uniquely numbered duplex OMR Sheets or multipage forms/questionnaires.
  3. Possibility to create single merged PDF for entire folder or create separate PDF for each sub folder.
  4. It is possible to create a single PDF having multiple designs or form layouts in any given sequence. This feature is specially useful for multipage forms where each form has a different layout and that each form may or may not have parameters to be data merged.
  5. Possible to create multiple copies of the same data merged form.
  6. The page size of the output is governed by the page size of the template.
VDP STAGE I- Blank Sheet Template to be used for Variable Data Printing Variable Data Printing Features
VDP STAGE 2- Sheet Template inlayed with Variable Data Parameters Variable Data Printing Features
VDP STAGE 3- Print Sheet with Variable Data Values Variable Data Printing Features
VDP STAGE 4- Sheet Scan ready for reading Variable Data Printing Features
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