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OMR Attendance Sheet

One of the mechanism to record attendance is the use of OMR based Attendance Sheets to mark the attendance in the class and use the Addmen OMR Form Reader to automatically and quickly record the attendance into the computer for easy reporting. The OMR Attendance sheet is printed and scanned like any other OMR sheet. However, since the purpose is to facilitate the teacher and make the process quick, we cannot expect the teacher to fill full bubbles for each candidate while marking attendance in the class.Hence, for the sake of minimizing the effort and to achieve speed, the OMR Attendance sheet is designed such that they expect only small marks to be detected. And as the OMR attendance system has to recognize small marks, the OMR attendance sheet must be printed in colour format. One of the very efficient ways of marking attendance on an OMR based Attendance sheet is to make use of a sketch pen or a marker. Thus the teacher can make a larger mark just by touching the pen on the sheet. This will minimize the effort of the teacher to fill the OMR bubble on the attendance sheet.

OMR Attendance Sheet Formats

There can be several Attendance sheet formats used for various types of requirements in different types of organizations
(Click image to download Attendance sheet PDF and read complete description)

OMR Attendance Sheet Formats
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