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An Introduction to OMR Answer Sheet used in objective tests having MCQs

OMR Sheets are used in several domains for a wide range of purposes. They are used as OMR Application and Admission forms and many other OMR based forms for the purpose of data collection. But the most widely used avenue of the OMR technology is its use in the process of checking MCQ Tests taken on OMR sheets. More than 80% of the OMR software users buy it for the purpose of checking of answer sheets.

OMR Answer Sheets are a bit different from other OMR sheets in respect to the layout and selection of the OMR fields.

There are several types of OMR Answer Sheets. 1) The sheets that are used for regular in house tests of regular classroom students and the OMR answer sheets used in actual competitive admission or recruitment examination. Depending upon the criticality of the exam, the structure of both types of OMR sheets is different.

This is the most commonly used formats of the OMR sheet. There may be several layouts of OMR answer sheets.

OMR Answer Sheet
OMR Answer Sheet
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