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More Information on Demo Delivery and installation of OMR Software

How can I see a demo of OMR Software?

Demo of the software can be shown online. We receive so many inquiries in a day, it is practically impossible to show on-site demonstration to every client in their office.

Online demo does not mean a PowerPoint or a video presentation. Instead the online demo is like a one-to-one live demo only, where our technical executive operates the software and you are able to see everything because you are able to see our computer screen over the internet. The technical executive explains you each step of the process as they operate the software and answer your queries related to the operation of the step being shown. In this manner you are able to completely see the software without the botheration of learning it. You are welcome to ask as many questions to clear all your doubts and our operators will answer all your questions related to the operation of the software and show you how it is done. Online demonstration is done using common desktop sharing utilities like Team Viewer or Ammyy or Skype.

Can I get a Trial version of the software?

Admendo not provide a demo or trial version. But we encourage guided demonstrations. We can give you demonstrations through desktop sharing. as many times as you want for your satisfaction.

The Providing demo version is not a suitable proposition because, OMR process does not only involve software. OMR process is largely dependent on correct printing and scanning of OMR sheets. If the sheets are not printed or scanned correctly, the OMR software will not read it. Then the user will feel the software is not working, but instead the trouble is with the improper printing and scanning so the input to the software is not appropriate.

Why don’t we provide a Demo License or Trial Version?

We encourage demonstrations, but at the same time, we do not have a demo license policy. We prefer to show one-to-one demonstration through desktop sharing using team viewer/Ammyy/Skype.

OMR is a man-machine combination process. The process involves:

  1. Printing of OMR Sheets;
  2. Scanning of filled OMR Sheets; and
  3. Evaluation of Scanned images;

Out of the above 3 processes, the first 2 processes, printing and scanning, are not a part of the OMR Software. Printing and Scanning are 2 parts of the process that you do outside the software based on certain guidelines so as to produce proper image inputs required for the OMR Software. If this input is not appropriate, the software will not deliver.

As a general user behaviour, we have noticed during our 16 years of providing OMR software solutions, that people seldom read User Guides or Instructions.

We have seen that most users are negligent about reading and following instructions. This is when they miss critical points about printing and scanning of the OMR sheet.

Say for example, a trial user comes forth the with a poor quality photocopy, and an extremely distorted scan of “A4” size printout in “Letter” size in 300 DPI colour and saves it JPG or PDF, because that’s the scanner default. Puts it before the OMR software and as expected- the software does not read.

Conclusion: Flop!! – The OMR software does not work.

But actually the demo user did not heed to a very clear instruction regarding printing and scanning, which says if you are choosing an A4 size layout change your printer setting to A4 from Letter (which is the default). If you are printing on Laser or photocopy, make sure that the 4 index points on 4 corners of the layout are printed proper solid and dark. Be careful if the cartridge is weak. Scan at 100/150 dpi and save as BMP or TIFF.

These petty instructions have not been followed by more than 99% of the first time users to whom we have sold this OMR Sheet Reader Software. But since they have bought the software, they are our clients, so they are in touch with us, so we get to know this and we get an opportunity to correct their mistake by guiding them.

Outcome: Wow!! The OMR Software is amazing.

So everything cannot be judged, unless we have learnt it. We need to be at least more than “first time user” to be able to properly understand or judge the user friendliness of a system. Certain basic user orientation is a definitely must.

This is the reason we do not provide OMR Software Demo License. Because guidance is necessary to make your experience smooth and wonderful. Otherwise an extremely potential creation is misjudged and discarded for no reason as if a Taxi driver telling a Jet Plane is useless because in fact he doesn’t understand a bit of it.

Also the other reason.

The OMR software alone is not all that you need. You need a proper OMR solution to your need. A complete knowhow –“how it is done”, is what is required. Sometimes a user has a requirement, by virtue of experience, we know the approach, how it can be fulfilled by the software, but since the user has not been able to wisely plan a solution for himself and goes by the most obviously visible features or components. He might find a limitation in getting delivered what he wants.

For a proper and efficient solution consultation definitely helps. For example, usually how do we expect a subject teacher who has just been teaching his subject to know sufficient about OMR process or OMR software with which he is interacting for the first time? There is no harm is consulting with people who have been providing this solution for last 16 years. After all, why does a student come to you? He could have read physics himself from the textbook.

Processed guidance from an experienced professional matter. Right?

For this simple reason we encourage guided demonstrations. We can give you demonstrations through desktop sharing. as many times as you want.

In this manner we at least know what you are looking for, what is going in your mind and how we can provide it.

If Addmen does not provide Trial Version, How can I be sure of the OMR Software?

We do not provide a trial version for a simple reason that most people are unaware of OMR trends and protocols. Many of them are not even aware of correct printing and scanning procedures. So to be able to make them work successfully, it involves some amount of basic training or concept building. To help the user reach that stage of a successful experience, we do not mind giving several demonstrations.

The software is not a yesterdays development or in trial and error phase. It is a mature product with a stable installation setup and user friendly interface with optimized features. It is a well established and reputed software working for thousands of users for over 16 years. Our client list, which you must have seen on the homepage, speaks sufficiently of the credibility of the product and the company.

How much time does it take to see a demo of OMR Software?

An Online demo is not any different from live demo. The entire operation with important points covered can be shown in 15 minutes. Rest depends on the queries of the user. The purpose of the demo is to broadly see what features exist in the software. Sometimes users are not clear about their requirement and have too many queries so they take very long time for a demo.

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