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OMR Software Training and Technical Support

Addmen OMR software has been developed with a vision of client independence. We have evolved and grown meaningful features which the client can manage themselves rather than publicizing rarely required features which are not of practical use. From the age of Machine based solution, 16 years back we were the first ones to make the client free from purchasing sheets and depending on machine vendors.

What type of support is required for Addmen OMR Software?

The operation of the Addmen OMR Software is very simple. There is nothing typical to understand that the user cannot relate to. The terminology used throughout the software and in the user guides is the one that a layman generally uses in this OMR domain. For example an OMR Sheet is called and "OMR sheet". It is not called a template. The process of creating a new OMR Sheet layout is simply called "Create Sheet Design". It is not called template setup or configuration. So the software is extremely user friendly and if the users are able to pay attention to the User Guides, they will not be left with any issues or queries.

Since the software is in the market for more than a decade and with thousands of users using it, so it has overgrown the stage of having bugs and unidentified errors. So if at all a user is stuck up somewhere, it is hardly because the software has any trouble, but major because the user is new and might have some queries or teething issues.

Though the software's are supported with sufficiently elaborate User Guides and Operation Videos still sometimes the users are negligent to read and follow them diligently. This is the only situation where the user gets stuck up or faces trouble. So when the user mistakes are corrected and their queries are resolved, everything goes fine.

What type of Support is provided in the Addmen OMR Software?

The support team provides help on the following:

How can I get support for OMR Software?

Addmen OMR Software is a very simple to use OMR Software. The simplicity and user friendliness of this software has been the major reason for the success of this software.

We have extensive support arrangements, dedicated technical support teams for each module. The contacts of the technical support team are mentioned right on the main screen of the OMR Software. So that the actual user may call the support team directly when required. Addmen has made elaborate arrangements to provide technical support to the customers. There are a number of ready-on-call technical support executives, who helps a user at various levels. Then there is a senior support team that helps the users to design and plan their more typical requirements.

What are the means and methods for providing support for Addmen OMR ?

Making appropriate use of the advancement in the internet and communication technology in order to minimize the cost of processes, almost all software development companies have moved to deliver demonstrations and technical support by the means of online desktop screen sharing done by using various available utilities for the purpose of remote desktop sharing. Addmen too follows the same procedure of providing support through telephone, email or desktop sharing. As the software matures and well documented, so there is no requirement of physical presence at the client side to provide any support. The technical support team is easily able to identify the issue that the user is facing and since it is mostly a mistake with the user operation, the correct method is guided and demonstrated to the user using remote desktop sharing.

There is a well defined support ticket system which makes it convenient for the user to keep a track of their queries and resolution.
Though Addmen also maintains a large team of on-site support staff, but support through on-site visits is chargeable for the expenses and the man-hour cost, so mostly on-site support is availed only by large organizations or government organizations.

What is the cost of OMR training?

The training and support provided for the OMR Software is free of cost. For the first year, it is included in the price of the license. For further years the user may subscribe to an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) to be able to receive help from the technical support team. Repeat trainings within the AMC period are also free of cost.

How much time is required for learning the OMR Software?

Training is done through desktop sharing and it is successful. The software is very simple to use and proper User Guide with screenshots is available, training videos of all modules available with voice for updated version. 15-20 minute one-to-one training is sufficient for first time users.

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