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Printing of Barcode and Serial no. on OMR Sheet

It is convenient to print and read barcodes on OMR answer sheets using Addmen OMR Answer Sheet Reader Software. Printing OMR Sheets with Barcode or Text Numbers as Unique Sheet ID is required in many processes to maintain a track of each sheet. The barcode is required for confidentiality of sheets. Addmen OMR Sheet Printing Software has an inbuilt variable data generator and printing module. The user can provide a Excel sheet with desired number series to be printed on the answer sheet. There can be up to 20 variable data elements printed on each sheet. Generally not more than 1-2 are required. Such series can be generated from existing ERP of the Institute.

OMR Sheet with variable Data

Variable Data printing is required to print candidate details and Roll no. on the OMR sheet when the candidates are of junior classes and may defect in filling their role no. and details.

Secondly, printing of variable Data on OMR Sheets is also required in case of attendance sheets. Variable Data is also printed on OMR Sheets incase of OMR Control Sheets where each examiner is sent a bundle of mark award sheets with specific details printed on it.

Important Instructions for Printing of Barcodes & Digital Numbers

Printing of Barcode and Serial No. on OMR Sheet

As a safety measure, if possible always try to print barcode at 2 places in the OMR sheet so that if one is not reading the others will be read. However, there is no case where the barcode is not read, but many a times certain barcodes are not scanned clear so the sheets are rejected for the time being till the time we readjust the settings and read them again. But if 2 barcodes are printed, this time killing situation will not arise as the software will automatically resort to the other barcode if the first barcode fails to read.

Important instructions for Printing of serial number by manual rubber stamping

Printing of Barcode and Serial No. on OMR Sheet
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