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Price of OMR Sheet

Earlier as the OMR sheets were required to be printed on thick paper using special inks and for high-end printing machinery available only in large cities and metros. OMR users from all over had to purchase the OMR sheets from a handful of OMR printers. This made the procurement process cumbersome because distant people had to be contacted and transactions secured in advance. The purchase of sheets was also very wasteful because the sheets had to be ordered quite in advance based on the anticipated quantity because the examination body could not have waited till the last minute to get the exact figure because printing and delivery of sheets would take time.

The earlier technology also required the sheets to be printed on thick paper and essentially in 2 colors. This made the OMR sheet procurement very typical and costly. The Price of OMR sheet was also quite high because of the monopoly of the OMR providers and excessive transportation cost from far distances.

Now the scene of OMR sheet printing and procurement has changed. You can use normal white paper and print your own black and white OMR sheets at home or office using your own laser printer or inkjet printer in case of colored sheets. Designing and printing of the sheets and using your local available resources definitely makes you more independent, so you save on time, cost, travel cost and printing cost as well.

Ideally a black and white laser print for an OMR should not cost you more than 60 paise (INR 0.60), assuming the cost of paper is 40-50 paise (INR 0.50). Even if you want to print a colored OMR sheet, if the quantity is less than offset printing would be costly, so your inkjet print in draft mode will do. And if the quantity is sufficient to meet the economics you can get this printed at your local offset printer. Even offset printed 2 color OMR sheets at around a quantity of 4-5 thousands do not cost more than 75 paise (INR 0.75). The higher the quantity of OMR sheets required the lower the price per sheet.

112029 50Q Sheet
112029 50Q Sheet
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