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OMR Sheet Scanning Specifications

OMR Sheet Reader Software or OMR Sheet Scanner Software's use scanned images of OMR Sheets. Addmen OMR Scanner Software gives you maximum flexibility to scan OMR sheets. OMR Sheet Scanning is usually done with following parameters:

OMR Sheet Scanning Mode

RGB Colour ; Grayscale; Black & White (1-Bit) mode

For regular usage like OMR test answer sheet scanning, the OMR sheet scanner software mostly uses B/w (1-Bit) mode as the file size is less and so it is quickest to scan and read.

OMR Sheet Scanning DPI

You can scan at any DPI between 100 - 200 DPI. Preferably Scan at 100 DPI.

If 100 DPI scanning is not available in OMR scanner, then you can scan at 150 or any DPI up to 200 DPI.

100 DPI scanning is absolutely as accurate as higher DPI scanning so no need to scan at higher DPI.

Higher DPI is more accurate is a wrong concept. 100 DPI is as accurate as any other DPI. Anyway Addmen OMR Software is 100% accurate. So to increase efficiency and data handling size it is suggested to scan lowest DPI.

The smaller the DPI, the lesser the image size and more conveniently it can be handled and uploaded. Addmen Sheet Scanner Reader requires sheets only at 100 dpi. However, it is accepted sheets scanned at any DPI.

If the OMR Sheet to be scanned contains Barcode or OCR/ICR fields to be read then it must be scanned at 200 DPI either in Colour/ Greyscale or Black & White mode.

OMR Sheet Scanning File Format

OMR Sheets are generally scanned in JPG, TIFF & BMP formats. All scanners have JPG, TIFF & BMP scanning formats. There formats are available in any document feeder image scanner or flatbed scanner.

The TIFF format is still a very small file size as compared to BMP format. OMR Sheet scanned image size is around 40-50 KB in TIFF format which makes it suitable for large size professional projects.

The OMR Sheet scanned in JPG format are easy to upload and view on internet for Online Result.

Sheets can also be scanned in multipage TIFF, Addmen OMR Software has the facility to split them to single page TIFFs before reading. Later these OMR Sheet scanned images can be used for OMR data reading in the OMR Sheet Reader Software..

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