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Test Builder Software Introduction

Since the advent of Addmen test builder software, many academic institutions and government bodies responsible for conducting mass-scale entrance examinations have waved goodbye to the traditional and tedious methods of test creation. With the test builder software, all the analytical tasks like ensuring a balance of easy and difficult questions and avoiding repetition of questions in subsequent tests is taken care of by the software. The tremendous load of paperwork the teachers and professors have to deal with otherwise is now conveniently taken care of automatically by the test builder software. Let’s take a quick look at some of its salient features.

Creating Question Banks

You have the liberty to create and store as many question banks as you desire, as long as there’s enough hard disk space left. Creating a question bank is easy: simply enter or copy-paste the questions and the answer options in the QR template provided along with the software and upload them into the software. You can choose to tag the questions topic-wise, subject-wise, chapter-wise, or according to their difficulty level.

Supports Complex Test Patterns

The test builder software can be used to create tests based on complex test patterns, involving different types of questions, including fill in the blanks, true or false, regular MCQs, theoretical questions, diagram making etc. You can even allocate complex marking schemes to the questions, including bonus and negative marking and decimal marking. You can even create questions that has multiple answers, like the ones that constantly appear on IIT JEE papers. Your questions may contain equations, chemical formulae, diagrams, and reference images.

The Shuffling Utility

A good way to avoid cheating in exams is by shuffling the questions to make unique question papers, where the order of questions is jumbled. This way, a lot of institutions have prevented malpractices, while ensuring that no two question papers contain a different set of questions.

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