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Design of Colored OMR Sheets

OMR designs can be printed in Black color on white paper or in colors. Designing of colored OMR sheet is a little different from the design of a layout that has to be printed in Black and white. When we plan to print a sheet in color mode, we get certain flexibilities and certain limitations. In the design of a colored OMR Sheet the Black color is still important and the index points, or time line is still printed in black color. While the other components can be printed in the other color. This other color must be from the family of colors ranging from red to yell. Shades of blue or green should be ideally avoided.

Design of Colored OMR Sheets
Design of Colored OMR Sheets

The best advantage of using a two color OMR sheet is attained when the OMR bubbles are printed in the second lighter color. So if you are using the second lighter color, use it for printing OMR bubbles. Using the second color for designing and using black color for OMR bubbles is no intelligence. By designing the OMR components in the second color we can apply selective color dropping. By doing so only the outline of the OMR bubbles will get eliminated from the scanned image during the scanning of OMR sheet. This will leave on the response marked by the candidate and since there would be no impressions of the circle or box outlines near it so it is easier to detect even the smallest marks. For this reason if we have to design a feedback from where the respondents have to mark tick marks, then use of black and white sheet is not suggested. In such cases on color OMR sheet designs should be used.

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