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Optimal size of Bubbles on OMR Bubble Sheets

There are certain guidelines for making OMR bubbles on the OMR Sheet. Just circles of any size or shape placed in a disorderly fashion are not OMR Bubbles. There are some guidelines for the size and shape of bubbles. There are guidelines for the horizontal and vertical distance between bubbles. There are also guidelines about the thickness of the circle outline and the size of text label inside the bubble. The outline should not be very thick.

Optimal size of OMR bubble

To decide the number of blocks that can be fitted in one paper, the block plays a vital role. So as to fit all the required blocks on one single side of the sheet, the size of the bubbles can be as per the required size of the user. Hence the OMR Sheet Designer gives you the flexibility in the size of the bubble. But still there is standard limit set for the size bubble and you just cannot reduce the size of the bubble to adjust more bubbles in single sheet.

The measure bubble is kept around 40-50 pixels as it provides the appropriate contrast with the size of outlines and text labels in the bubbles. The candidates can fill the circles without being too cautions as the size reserve the pen slipping to the adjacent bubbles.

Small bubbles will reduce the candidate speed of filling the bubble and it will tend to finger stress and the fatigue.Bubble size is in extent to the measure of the general plan and the size of the record points. The bubble smaller than the standard size will get switched to high sensitivity mode, thus slowing the overall process and will lead to more warnings and provisional dismissals.

Likewise, bubbles larger than standard size are also not suggested. Larger bubbles will affect the time to fill the bubble, the speed and perfection of filling the bubble as this is also the important task. The size of the bubbles should diverge much from the standard size provided.

Optimal Distance between the bubbles of an OMR sheet

Rules are provided for the standard distance between the bubbles and the blocks of the bubbles. The sheet with inappropriate bubble space and bubbles touching each others are defective sheets. The results will not be appropriate and we will have to change some features to read such sheets accurately.

Reasonable size of Text label inside the Bubble

We all have seen OMR Sheets with content marks composed inside them. The sheets with old pattern style were coloured and black and white sheets had no existence. While scanning the coloured sheet, the content composed inside and filled coloured bubble were not considered. This was the process to fill the bubble without disturbing the impression.

Recently, when black and white sheets came into existence, it economically saved both time and money. To appreciate these privileges of simple printing style and cheaper rates of black and white sheets, one must follow the standard rules of these black and sheets including the outline thickness and the size of the text inside the bubble.

There is an ideal size of the content mark composed inside the bubble.Sometimes the clients make these content names huge and strong. This isn't right. The reason for the content name is to demonstrate the students to fill the right bubble. The regular size is sufficient to guide the aspirant. Increasing the text label size will affect the accuracy of the OMR software

The OMR software does not react to the content or shapes, but it simply responds to the darken part. So in the given air pocket area, it searches for a sensible huge size of dark imprint which, if exists would be enrolled as a reaction. Presently, if the content name in the air pocket has been composed so huge then this name itself is adequately expansive to be identified as it looked for dark imprint.

Rather, if this, content label is kept small, then regardless of the fact that it falls in the area of identifying black mark it would be skipped on account of a small size. In any case, if the bubble is filled, then it would be recognized as a result of the moderately bigger size black marks. In this circumstance if the span of the interior text label was extensive, it would have been recognized regardless of the possibility that there was not filled in the circle, the fact that the content name was itself sufficiently huge to get distinguished.

In case of the coloured sheets the text labels and the bubbles are coloured. Regardless of the possibility that the extent of the content mark is large still there is no issue on the grounds that the shading will be dropped and in this way the content names will likewise vanish alongside bubble diagrams. So just the dark imprints made will be left. This keeps away from all contention of relative size and differentiation.

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