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Common Mistakes that Candidates make while filling OMR Answer Sheets

Many times the candidate skip reading the instructions due to anxiety to solve the question paper. They also skip filling the Roll.No and keep this task for last 10 minutes of examination. But these fields are as important as solving questions in question paper as you can make mistakes in a rush.

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Many mistakes happen when you enter your Roll. No in hurry. No one in the center, where there are lakhs of sheets is going to read your number manually. OMR test scanner Software mechanically scans the roll no, but if there is no Roll.No marked on the answer sheet then there is no use of that answer sheet.

So whatever work has been done all goes waste if a candidate has not filled appropriate information on OMR Sheet. If the candidate fails to answer one question then it is ok, but if he fails to fill up the important information on the sheet, then all the preparation made by the candidate is of total waste.

Most examination bodies permit additional time at the beginning of the exam to fill the important information to avoid the last minute urgency.

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The candidate details are as important as answering the question. Since if the main points of interest or question paper elements like inquiry booklet no. test paper set are not filled, then the sheet may not be illustrious or checked appropriately.

Filling of Test ID or Question Booklet No. alternately Test Paper Set is essential. Since if the examining body is non-judgemental then your sheet may get dismissed.

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