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OMR Form Reader Software for Application Forms

Checking of Objective Answer Sheets has been just one of the uses of the OMR Sheet Reading Software.

OMR Process is used for many other processes like:

OMR Form Reader Software

Addmen OMR Reader has inbuilt OMR Form Design Software that allows you to create any type of OMR Form on single side or both sides of the page (duplex).

Many research organizations use our OMR form reader to obtain OMR data and later use it for further analysis or import the output of this software into their database. This is conveniently possible because after reading the data is provided in Excel, CSV, XML, Access or SQL.

Many different types of blocks like OMR, OCR, ICR, Barcode and Image blocks can be added while designing an OMR form in OMR Form designer and accordingly read in Addmen OMR Form Readers.

Barcode reading feature is available in standard version. The variable data printing module of Addmen OMR Form Reading software allows you to make uniquely numbered PDF files with barcodes which are printed to obtain OMR forms with unique Barcode / OCR readable unique form numbers.

The image capturing facility is used to capture handwritten areas like suggestions or long addresses, etc. The captured image is stored with a unique ID name in a PC folder. Images are also stored in the Access or SQL database in embedded format. Captured images are also shown in one column of the Excel file along with the data of all the other fields.

OCR reading for detection of pre-printed form numbers and ICR reading for recognition of handwritten numbers is a feature of the Advanced version of the Software.

OMR Form Reader Software
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