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Standard Requirement OMR Model Sheet and Answer Sheet Formats for Printing & Practice

Though a user can definitely and easily design OMR Sheet himself using our OMR Sheet designer software, but still there are some commonly required sheet layouts which majority of users needs. OMR Answer Sheet layouts containing 50, 100 and 200 questions are most commonly required. So to save the effort of creating these layouts by each and every user, we have provided these OMR layouts as a ready help. A new user can download the PDFs of these layouts for ready printing before training of the software. Because, as a matter of software usage the user has to first learn the operation of software, once he has understood about correct printing and scanning of the OMR sheets and their subsequent checking of the software then the user can develop to a level of designing of OMR sheets, but much before that when the user is at the start-up level, it is easier for him to use a ready made design to have an easy start-up for training.

Also the users who have yet not purchased the OMR Software can download these standard ready-made answer sheet designs and print and distribute in the class..and later in the near future when they decide to buy the OMR Software they can check these pre-printed OMR sheets. These layouts are available as PDF in Black and white and some omr sheet sample formats are even available in colour.

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