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Importance, Feasibility, Advantages and Disadvantages of Lithocode

Encoding the sheets with secret code to avoid replacement of sheets and to obscure the candidate identity has been an essential requirement for confidential process. The barcode was first used, but the earlier technologies had trouble in reading barcode because of scanning & accuracy limitations. Hence Litho Code was evolved to encode the sheets.

Advantages of Lithocode

Lithocode has relatively larger “*” marks which are detected as filled bubbles instead of confronting with the fine printed lines of a barcode.

Lithocode can only be read by the OMR System, which will decode it at the back end.

Disadvantages of Lithocode

Lithocode is based on the binary system. Generating Binary numbers for Lithocode is possible only through specific software based utilities can generate and print the codes.

But lithocode has printing limitation this lithocode cannot be conveniently generated by the end user. Only OMR Sheet printers who have specific software can generate or print the series.

It can be read only by the OMR system so that no one can detect the identity of the sheet.

Lithocode also disguises any sequential pattern as the it is a representation of the binary code. With Addmen OMR Software it is easy to print & read barcodes independently by the user. And barcode is much better than lithocode. Whenever we talk of Lithocode reading or Barcode reading, the first question to be addressed is how will it be printed. It is easy for a user to generate random numbers, apply barcode font and print using mail merging.

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