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Test Paper Generator Software

Several schools, colleges, and small time educational institutions like coaching classes and recruitment firms, and some government bodies have resorted to software solutions for managing their exam processes. Addmen’s test paper generator software is one of the best selling exam solutions available in the Indian market today.

The test paper generator software offers complete independence to teachers as part of the exam committee by relieving them of tedious analytical processes and the tremendous amount of paperwork associated with it. Moreover, maintaining a balance of fairly simple and difficult questions proves to be a challenging task for the teachers. Also, they have to refer to the previous test papers while creating a new one to ensure that not too many questions are repeated.

Create and Store Well Organised Question Banks

Before the software can generate a question paper for you in minutes, you need to upload the questions into the software’s database. Questions are uploaded by means of QR files, which are simply Word or Excel templates containing a set of questions and corresponding answer options in a software compatible tabular format. You have the freedom to store as many question banks as you desire as long as you have enough hard disk space to accommodate the questions.

Types of Questions Supported by the Software

Other Essential Features of the Test Paper Generator Software

The Question Shuffling Mechanism

A great way to prevent malpractices during examinations is to create multiple sets of test papers with the questions listed in varying orders. The test paper generator software can randomly shuffle the selected questions to create a number of unique test papers, while ensuring that the same questions are listed in all the other test papers; only the order of the questions is different. You also have the option of manually shuffling the questions if you feel the need to, but the random shuffler in itself is very efficient in performing the said task.

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