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Comparative Study of Available Technology & Version Options

Enhanced Campus Automation System (ECAS) is a state-of-the-art, client end customizable Institute Management Software suitable for automation of all types of Educational Institutes.

Current day expectations and trends pose requirements for a system that provides flexibility, scalability, safety and user independence. ECAS is a technologically updated Institute Automation System that meets all these requirements and provides a platform to leap into the future.

ECAS Available Versions

ECAS is available in 2 Versions

  1. Desktop version - Offline Modules for working on a standalone PC or Network (LAN).

  2. Browser version - Online Modules which run on the Server-Client structure and operate in a closed network from your owned server or over the internet from a cloud server and that can also be connected to the website.

Comparison of Desktop v/s Browser ECAS

Let us first compare both the technologies and isolate which option is suitable for our organization. Positive points highlighted in blue colour.

Desktop Version
Standalone PC/LAN Based

Browser Version
Lab Server / Online Server

Software is installed and running on your local PC/Laptop/LAN. Software is installed and running from a distant secure application server.

Data is located on your local PC/Laptop:

  • Prone to accidental deletion or formatting of data due to carelessness of operator.

  • The system is very fast as the data is available locally or on LAN.

  • Data can be easily ceased and accessed in case of investigations.

Data is safely located at a distant secure data server:

  • Free from hazards of accidental damage to software or deletion of data by operator.

  • The system is slower in performance than Standalone System as it runs on WAN/Internet.

  • Located at a distant server so nothing is present locally.

Works on application-resource sharing so in case of network poor or slow LAN will hamper performance. So good and consistent LAN connection is needed. Works on a Server-Client structure through web browser so it is good even for slow and distant connections.
Cannot be connected to website. It has limited scope for showing some information online only for viewing purpose by admin members. Can be connected to the website and accessible over the internet for students, parents, teachers & administrators.
Good for single branch user/ small institute. Good for growing institute/client with multi branch.
Minimum requirements are very simple. Only a regular laptop/PC with UPS is needed. Minimum Requirements of the browser based system are high. Read Below.

Further development and addition of new modules has stopped as the technology is obsolete.

Latest technology with latest features being added and constantly updated.


The Browser based system has many advantages and a very few limitations as compared to a Desktop based systems.

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