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Importing and Exporting the Data from ECAS

ECAS allows an institute to have a easy start by importing the existing data using and excel sheet. ECAS has a dynamic data import panel for this purpose which allows the client to map his excel data file into the various fields of the institute management system. The fields of the ECAS admission form are listed dynamically as per the admission form structure set by the administrator.

Data Import and export

Exporting the data from ECAS

Data can be conveniently exported from ECAS for reporting or use in third party software. There are various ways of exporting data from ECAS:

The data of any specific report can be exported into various formats like Excel, CSV, XML and many others. The facility to export data into soft copy editable format is limited by security permissions. So a user who can draw reports may not be able to export data unless permitted.

The database file is also kept accessible to the institute super administrator. who can link it with other software if required.

Database Backup and security

The database is encrypted and password protected. Backup of the system database is made every 12 hours.

In case of the license purchase mode, the software runs from the client server and the database is always on the institute server, but even in case of pay-per-use model, the institute super administrator can access and take custody of a safe copy of backup whenever they want.

In case of lease model, where the software runs from Addmen server and data is also maintained on Addmen server, the servers are placed at highly efficient and secure Tier IV data centres, which can be assumed to serve highest level of security standards for commercial data centres.

What about the ethical security of Data?

The ethical security of data is most assured only by the credibility and consistency in the service background of the service provider. Addmen is catering to 5000+ organisations for more than a decade now is clearly indicative of the faith people have on us. Besides this we have the process of providing the Confidentiality Agreement to our subscribers. The data servers are also only in access of only the most trusted and old employees.

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