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School Management System

Schools usually consist of classes from standard 1 to standard 10, while some schools may also have kindergarten and junior college. Whatever be the type of courses offered by the school or the number of children studying there, managing the administration work can be taxing. This is where ECAS or Enhanced Campus Automation System, which is a school management software, can be of help. Let us take a look at some of the features of this software.

Enquiry and Admission Management System

This software from Addmen has a module that takes care of all the admission needs of the school.

Institute Management Software

Attendance Management

Recording and maintaining the attendance of students and teachers is no longer a difficult task.

Fee Account Management

This school management software is a great tool to handle the process of fee payment.

Library Management

Apart from the above given features, ECAS also offers modules like time-table management, academics management, hostel and transport management, student document control, etc.
Enhanced Campus Automation System or Software is designed in such a way that it has all the elements that are necessary for the smooth functioning of school administration.

College Management System

Colleges offer a variety of courses to students and hence have a different administration system than schools. In schools, every class or level has the same syllabus while in a college, each standard or class can be divided into different branches or courses. ECAS (Enhanced Campus Automation System) is versatile and hence the same software can be altered to work well for managing the college administration work.

Enquiry and Admission

ID Cards



Exam Reports

Apart from the above given ones, there are several modules that can be used for college administration. Inventory, documents, Online Exams, etc. are some of the modules available with college model of Enhanced Campus Automation System or Software.

Coaching Management System

The coaching institute management software video displays how to use the software in detail. This software (ECAS or Enhanced Campus Automation Software) has been created to cater to the administration of educational institutions. As each educational institute has different needs, the software has been created in such a way that it adapts to the administration needs of that institute. Here, you will find a video that shows how the software works for coaching classes.

Enquiry and Admission

Coaching classes receive lot of enquiries from students and parents about their courses and batches. Maintaining a record of these enquiries and following-up with them can be difficult under normal circumstances. However, ECAS makes this process easy. The administrator can add the details of the students in the enquiry form and record the communication or follow-up done for each enquiry. It is easy to search the enquiries made and the communication done with the help of the Search module.
Once the student agrees to take admission, the details in the enquiry form can be directly exported to the admission form. You do not have to spend extra time filling the admission form. The fields of the enquiry and admission form can be changed as per the requirements of your coaching class. Identity cards can be generated using this software.


If you have large groups of students in your coaching class, it would be difficult to maintain the attendance records in Excel sheet. Apart from this, it would be difficult to find the attendance records when you need them. The ECAS attendance module is simple to use. You just have to select the students and either press Present or Absent to mark the attendance. It is also possible to import the attendance record.


As an educational institute, you would be required to create lots of reports. Making these manually can be time consuming. However, you do not need to fret about this. ECAS has a module which makes report making a simple process. You can create reports for attendance, accounts, results, etc. quickly. Moreover, you get to choose amongst nine types of formats or layouts. These reports can be printed too.
Watch this video to know the process of using the coaching institute management software. If you have any more doubts, you can call the executives at Addmen who are always happy to help.

Institute Management System

University Management Software

A university is where students go for higher studies. It is an institution where a large number of courses are available. Due to this, there are several departments and groups in an institute. As the university has to handle the load of a large group of students, a university management system software is something that would make all the processes easy. ECAS by Addmen is such a system.

ECAS or Enhanced Campus Automation System is something that can be used for any type of educational institute because it is a versatile software. As the university has a different working system, certain unique features can be added to suit its requirements. From admission to fee management to result management, everything can be done using this software.

ECAS is a system that facilities all the processes of the university from beginning to end. It makes the job of controlling all the departments of the university quite easy.

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