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Time Table Management

Addmen is a leading provider for smart educational software for schools and top universities that permits you to automate all aspects of administration and ECAS (Enhanced Campus Automation Software) is one such dynamic school automation software that helps you organize one of the many structured elements of an institute like time-table management.

Manual Time-Table Generation

Managing time-table manually involves calculated logic and distribution of periods among faculty, class and subject. It is a very tedious and complex process and one cannot afford to make mistakes as the whole institute can go haywire. So we need a campus automation software like ECAS to take care of all these tasks without any errors.

Time Table Management Software
Time Table Management Software

Automatic Time-Table Generation using ECAS

It also provides some additional features like grouping of subjects into academic/non-academic, curricular/extra-curricular, etc; short codes for subject names, etc.

This is how ECAS can be used for planning time-table optimally by schools, colleges, universities, coaching classes and other educational institutes.


In planning a Time Table, we plan the optimal use of 3 resources guided by certain rules.

  1. Faculty-Class Mapping Rules
  1. Class-Subject Mapping Rules
  1. Faculty-Subject Mapping Rules

There are many Academic & Non Academic subjects taught in the institute and many faculties to teach each subject. All subjects are not taught is all classes. All subjects are not taught by all faculties.

Class-Subject mapping defines the specific set of subjects taught in any class.

Subject-Faculty mapping defines the list of faculties available for any subject.

Faculty-Class mapping defines the faculties suitable to teach the defined subjects in any class.

Class is a group of students studying in some Standard & Section
Taught for fixed No. of Periods on pre decided weekdays
Standards: Nursery/Prep, LKG,UKG, 1-12
Sections : Any nos. (ABCDEF……)
No. of Periods : 9 max. (123456789)
Weekdays : 7 max. (1234567)
Generally, a class is conducted in a pre decided Classroom/Lab. Sometimes it is shifted to another room/lab for a period.
When we plan a timetable, these parameters are assumed fixed for any class. And we plot variable combinations of Subject & Faculty for a fixed unit of Weekday-Class-Period.

A master database of all Subjects taught in the Institution is prepared with following details:
Subject Names & Short Codes
Subject Groups: Subjects are classified in to Academic/ Non-Academic, Curricular/Co-Curricular etc.. for easy listing.
Subject Guidelines:

  1. Subjects like Maths & Physics should not be taught in consecutive periods.

  2. Preferably there should not be 2 consecutive periods of Maths.

  3. Games/Sports/Yoga not be held immediately after lunch Break.

  4. Preferably Class Teacher Subject should be First period….etc.

A master database of all Faculties teaching in the Institution is prepared with following details:

Name & Personal Details

Availability on Weekdays: Some teachers teach in multiple Institute/Branches and are available only on limited weekdays in a particular Institute/Branch. Like MWF…

Availability in Periods: Some teachers teach in multiple Institutes /Branches and are available only on limited weekdays for limited periods in a particular Institute/Branch.  Some teachers work only for first half or second half.

Daily & Weekly Workload: A teacher cannot be made to take classes continuously in all 9 periods for all days of the week. There is a optimum daily and weekly load so that the faculty gets time to prepare for class and do other assigned tasks.

Allocation of faculties is guided by following guidelines:
Distinct Sections in Same standard: Sometimes teaching the same subject in 2 sections of the same standard leads to confusion, if the records are not properly maintained. To avoid confusions, and also to keep teachers available for substitution, a faculty is preferably not allocated same subject in 2 sections of same standard.
No. of periods/section/day: Even if a teacher teaches subjects like Hindi, History and Geography for the same standard, to avoid monotony for the students and for the teacher it is preferred not to allocate all subjects of a faculty in one section on the same day.
Class Teacher Allocation : Most of the teachers are assigned the responsibility of a Class Teacher. One teacher can generally be responsible for one class. The first period in any class is generally allocated to the class teacher.
Free periods: Out of the daily workload, any faculty should preferably get atleast 1 free period during the first half of the day.

Time Table Management Software

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