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Course Monitoring System

It is very important to complete the syllabus before the examinations. Sometimes, in coaching institutes there are several batches of the same course running parallely. Some batches might fall behind schedule and the faculty and the administration has to be aware of it to take necessary steps. There is also a possibility where the teacher can over extend a topic and at the same time forget to teach a particular topic and move forward with the other chapters. Such discrepancies can be easily monitored through the course monitoring system offered by our educational institute management software.

Also in case of big universities and colleges, there are many departments with huge no. of students and faculty. Every student in the same class doesn’t opt for the same subjects. There are different teachers for different chapters from the same subject because some have specializations in a particular field of subject. Also some topics cannot be started first because these might be dependent on others with some basics part in it. This is the purpose and utility of Course Progress Monitoring System.

Course Progress Monito

How does the Course Monitoring System Module in ECAS work?

Advantages of ECAS Course Monitoring System

So every element in a school, college or coaching like students, parents, faculty members and institute administration needs to be updated about the course status for proper coordination among them. It is of utmost importance for all to know whether the course syllabus is falling on schedule or lagging behind. All such aspects must be taken into consideration when you are into an educational management system. It is utmost important for a good school management software to facilitate the institute on all these fronts. ECAS is a complete and thorough institutional management software with course monitoring module is integrated in it.

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