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E-Documents Management for Paperless Office

Institutes are making every bit effort to go paperless. From enquiry forms to admission forms, from Online Exam to student feedback everything is being done online including applying and issuing of certificates and online leave application and sanction. The eDocuments Management module of ECAS facilitates this all.

Intra Office communication through Soft Copy Documents

As you can see from the below given image that each member in the institute is given permissions to upload several types of documents relevant to his member type. For this there are preset settings allowing specific member type to have access to particular type of documents in the eDocuments management system.

eDocuments module can be used to manage various types of documents that are usually in circulation in any institute like:

Document Management System

The panel above shows summary of documents uploaded by this user and the documents that have been uploaded by other users targeting this user. Upon clicking on any document type the user reaches to a page as shown below where he can see the list of all different documents uploaded under that category.

Document Management System

Posting of Online Leave applications

Online Leave applications and sanction process is one of the avenues of Documents management in ECAS that aids the process of establishing a paperless office.

Applying staff member can get to see a complete tally of consumed and available leaves so that he can plan his application accordingly. Even the forwarding and sanctioning authority has a complete overview of the case to help in a honest judgement before forwarding or rejecting the case.

Document Management System
Document Management System

Efficient serving of Notices and Circulars through downloads

Certain content like notices and circulars are made available in the downloadable format. There are different categories of members registered in ECAS and accordingly there are different categories of Downloadable content. Some content is made available only to students while some content is made available only to staff, while some other content can be made available to all types of members in ECAS.

Document Management System

What are the various formats in which documents can be uploaded in eDocuments module?

Documents can be uploaded in eDocuments module in DOC/DOCX, PDF, XLS/XLSX/ JPEG formats. Related Links:

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