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ECAS Introduction

ECAS is seamlessly connected to your website such that the ECAS interface appears to be an integral part of your website. A login box is provided on website from where all users of the system log in.

Introduction to ECAS

Enhanced Campus Automation System

ECAS (Enhanced Campus Automation System) An Institute Management Software for automation of all types of Educational Institutes.

It can act as a substitute for the administration department in an educational institute. Addmen created this software after a lot of research about the working system of educational institutes like schools, colleges and universities and designed a software that can adapt to the administrative system of all of them.

With this software, everything related to the running of the institute can be managed with just a few clicks. Be it student management, attendance management, fee management, admission management, library management, payroll and inventory management, everything can be managed with this software. Apart from this, it is also easy to maintain the records of staff members with ECAS.

It is possible to integrate OMR software, SMS sender, etc., with ECAS. In short, this system can be customized as per the requirements of the institute. ECAS is a life saviour for several institutes as it helps to save time while getting the work done efficiently.

Versatility of ECAS

All fields used in admission form are automatically included in search pane.

Access Control & Data Security

Multi-tier security

In case of multiple branch Institutes,

Technical Capabilities

Modules and Feature FAQs

School Management Software Free Video

ECAS is a school management software that is easy to use and operate. It is a web browser based system which can be accessed online. With the user name and password, you can access the system from anywhere. Although it is quite easy to use the ECAS or Enhanced Campus Automation System for school administration, the video provided here will make things easier and clearer.

The school management software free video will give you a demonstration of using this software for your institute. It is possible to customize the software to suit the needs of your school.


Best Student Management System Software

ECAS (Enhanced Campus Automation System) is a complete suite of applications consisting of several modules integrated into it. It automates all the aspects of institutes like schools, colleges, universities, coaching classes and other educational organizations. ECAS is dynamic, versatile and client-customizable. Let us look at some of the feature that makes ECAS the best student management system software.

Features in ECAS

All these modules can be selectively activated in ECAS to fulfil maximum purpose in minimum cost. All these modules can be integrated and made operational within 1 working day.

College Administration Software Video

The college administration software video will take you through the ECAS interface meant for college management. ECAS or Enhanced Campus Automation System by Addmen is a software that has been created to make the administration process of educational institutes easy and efficient. The video given here will show you how the system works and how you can use each of the modules.


The college administrator software video educates you about using the software. This software is a must in all educational institutes as it makes management or administration of the institute extremely effortless.


You no longer need to maintain an Excel sheet to keep a record of the students who enquired about a particular course in your college.


Admission of the students in the college can be done easily with the help of the software.


The search interface makes it easy to find student details within a few seconds.


Maintaining attendance records is no longer a time taking process.


Different types of reports can be created and printed within seconds using this software.

Demo Web Based Institute Management System

ECAS, which is called Enhanced Campus Automation System, is a web based institute management system. It can be used by all educational institutions like colleges, schools, coaching classes, etc. This system has all modules that will help you to take care of the administration processes from one place. Right from admission to attendance to fee payment to Online Exams and result declaration, you can handle everything with the help of this software.

If you want to buy this software and are not sure about whether it would work for your institute, you can try the demo of the system. Here are the steps that you need to follow to get the demo web based instate management system.

It is always better to test and review a product before you invest in it. We at Addmen understand this. Hence, we offer our customers the opportunity to do so through the demo web based institute management system. You can give us a call or write to us to know more about our product.


Enhanced Campus Automation System

Schools, colleges, universities and such other educational institutes have to do a lot of paperwork from the time of admission to everyday activities like taking attendance, creating question papers and report cards, etc. While computers have taken the place of papers for most of them, all these processes are still scattered and take a lot of time to maintain. This is where the ECAS or Enhanced Campus Automation System comes into picture.

The ECAS by Addmen assists educational institutes in making their processes easy, convenient and time saving. Upon the purchase of the software, the user is given a user ID and password with which he/she can access the account. This system can be used for several operations; few of them include the following:

  1. Admission

  2. Search

  3. Attendance

  4. Library management

  5. Fee management

  6. Inventory

  7. Online Exam

  8. Hotel and mess management

  9. Employee and pay bill management

  10. SMS and Email

  11. eDocument

  12. Academics

  13. Reports

Each of these categories or operations has sub-categories to ensure that the processes get done in an organized manner.

Features of ECAS

ECAS has made the life of several educational institutes easy. This system saves lot of time which could be used in the growth and development of the students as well as the institute.

Online School Management Software Introduction

Managing a school is a tough task. There are scores of records to be checked and managed. These records include that of admissions, attendance, fees paid, fees slips, invoices, etc. But when there are several branches of the school in different places, the difficulty of managing everything increases ten-fold.

Yes, there are emails, but emails can go unchecked or deleted by mistake. Moreover, finding a particular mail in a mass of other mails can prove to be annoying. Hence, the online school management software by Addmen is a smarter option.

Online School Management Software

Although all schools can make use of this software, schools that have multiple branches would benefit with it more. The software can be installed on standalone servers in each school for its internal work. One does not need to use the internet for this purpose. Users can work on the software offline and the data can be integrated to the main MIS server whenever the internet is available. This way, each branch can do their work without any hassles; still you will be able to control the management of all the schools.

Features of Online School Management Software

The school management software helps you to manage all aspects of school administration. Right from pre-admission process to student attendance, this software is a one stop solution for all your needs.

The online school management software will help to make your school management process smooth and organized.

Student Management Software

Student management in schools, colleges and such other educational institutions involve lot of paper work or the use of computer (Word, Excel, etc). These methods are not only time consuming but also not very efficient. Hence, many educational institutions have started using ECAS, i.e. Enhanced Campus Automation System. This software makes student management an easy affair because it has all the modules required for the administration of an educational institute.

Admission: Often admission involves sorting through tons of admission forms manually. The Admission module of ECAS has a form which can be altered or changed as per your needs. You can add or alter the fields to suit your requirements.

All the information regarding the student, including name, address, contact details, parents' name, course, marks achieved, etc. along with photograph can be saved in the software database.

Search Interface: The software offers a Search module through which one can search for student details quickly. You can search for a particular student or a group of students by applying some specific filters. This system supports student search in any range, be it simple or complex.

Identity Cards: This software makes the process of creating identity cards for the students easy. You do not need a different software or application for this purpose. You can choose the layout or design of the identity card and add the name of your institute and its logo. Once you have chosen the layout and the basic content, the software creates identity cards for the students registered in the system automatically. You can export these identity cards into PDF format and then get them printed.

Attendance: Maintaining and checking student's attendance are no longer tedious processes. You do not have to manually enter each and every student's attendance into the computer system. The attendance records can be imported from an OMR attendance sheet or through the biometric system. You also have the option of marking only the absentees and those present would be marked automatically.

Apart from the above given modules, the software helps in library management, hostel management, transport management, report management and everything that is related to students. By getting the Enhanced Campus Automation Software, you will be able to manage all the activities related to student management.


Online Campus Automation Software Overview - Slide Show

Enhanced Campus Automation Software (ECAS) helps in automating all campus administration processes. Be it enquiry for admission, maintaining fee records, marking the attendance or any other process that is undertaken in an educational institute, ECAS has the solution for all. The best part of this software is that it can adopt as per the requirements of all educational institutes. ECAS is a software that can be used by schools, colleges, universities and coaching classes too.


The Addmen Enhanced Campus Automation System or Software has everything you need for the smooth functioning of campus administration. With this software, you do not have to rely on paperwork and emails too much for managing the administration of your campus.

Enhanced Campus Automation Software - Online Connectivity Features

The Enhanced Campus Automation Software (ECAS) is a management system that can be used by any kind of education institutes, be it school, college, coaching class, university, etc. This software is available in two forms: offline and online. The online version of the software helps to manage multiple branches of the same institute from one place. Here are some details about its connectivity features:

ECAS General Features

Apart from providing complete online connectivity with other branches of your institute, this software also offers several other beneficial features to the user.

The online connectivity features of ECAS are what make it popular amongst educational institutions. These will help you to simplify your institute's administration and management processes.


Learning Management Software

Schools, colleges, universities and coaching institutes are stepping towards smart ways of learning through automated educational software. In this competitive world where technology is used to enhance every human experience, educational institutes don’t want to fall behind in developing new ways of learning. ECAS (Enhanced Campus Automation Software) is one such learning management software which uses latest technology to facilitate modern ways of learning to develop overall skills and abilities of students. Let us look at how ECAS can be used as the best learning management software by educational institutes.

Test Administration

Results & Reports

Candidate Interface

Feedback Forms & Survey

Course Monitoring

ECAS has integrated all these learning modules in one software making it one of the best learning management software.

Enhanced Campus Automation Software Features

ECAS or Enhanced Campus Automation System is a software created by the Addmen group. This software is created to facilitate the workings of an educational institute, whether it is a college, school, coaching class or a university.

What is ECAS?

ECAS Features

The ECAS institute management software is a useful tool, irrespective of t

Fee Management Software Demo Video

The fee management module of EACS (Enhanced Campus Automation System) is designed with multi-tier data security features for accounts management. It maintains and organizes all financial transactions and reports in the database of the system. Let us look at the demo video on how ECAS can be used for fee management.

How to Manage Fee Plans

How to Generate Reports

This is how ECAS offers complete flexibility for the clients to carry out different operations regarding accounts and fee management.

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