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Comparison of Various Implementation Options

OPTION 1: Desktop version Onetime Purchase

Install on your own Standalone or LAN PC/laptop.

  1. Most economic but has limited features and technical capabilities.

  2. Preferred only in off-track area where reach of internet services are not proper.

  3. Preferred by single handed institutes like small coaching classes etc.

  4. Preferred by clients who fear their data is not safe in case of online system.

  5. Entails only 10-15% of basic cost as AMC charges.

  6. Client and users have to learn about installation of the software.

  7. Client has to be careful about backup and safe operation of the system.

  8. Online features like online assignments, results, Online Exam are not available in this version.

  9. This option is valid only for selective institute management modules.

  10. Cheapest Option. But this version is hardly preferred nowadays and is almost obsolete now.

    System Requirements
  1. Any Windows PC and LAN (if required).

  2. Internet Connectivity (Only for technical support. Not required for software modules).

OPTION 2: Browser (server) version Onetime Purchase

Install and operate on your own Server.

  1. Browser based Enhanced Campus Automation System is the current technology version with maximum and ever growing list of modules and features. It allows connectivity of students, parents and teachers through internet. But it is costlier than Desktop (PC/LAN) version and also requires proper infrastructure which is also costly.

  2. Costliest option. Besides the software cost, arrangement & Cost of suitable infrastructure/ Bandwidth/Software License/Power Backup/Data Backup is also to be borne by client.

  3. Preferred by large Institutions who have large data and who have the infrastructure ready.

  4. In case the institutes want a quick start but do not have infrastructure ready, then besides software, they can also lease out the ISP services from us. So ISP rental would be charged.

  5. Entails 10-15% of basic cost as AMC charges (minimum INR 5000 p.a.).

    System Requirements (with your approx. expense):
  1. A good Data Server (At least Xeon Processor) (approx. INR 50000)

  2. Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and other software License (approx. INR 50000).

  3. Minimum 2 MBPS Internet Connection with Static IP (approx. INR 3000 p.m.)

  4. UPS with Good backup (approx. INR 15000 + running cost).

  5. Server Administrator or a skilled Computer Professional (minimum salary INR 10000).

Note: Above mentioned requirement is most elementary which works well for limited number of users and/or branches. But if the concurrent load on system increases like every candidate given login and more candidates participate for Online Exam or Online Result, then above infrastructure seems limited and better server is required which is obviously costlier. The software is licensed to a particular server or else the client should be able to set up USB license lock on the server. It is possible only if you own the server or have a dedicated server with some ISP. It is not possible to change servers once licensed if you have shared hosting.

OPTION 3: Browser (Internet Server) version Pay-per-Use

Run from secure Data Centre.

  1. No need for any infrastructure at the client end. Arrangement & costs of suitable infrastructure/facilities/Bandwidth/Software License/Power Backup/Data Backup are borne by us.

  2. Charges as per set of modules selected.

  3. Charges on per candidate basis in case of institute Management.

  4. Charges on per test appeared basis in case of Online Exam module.

  5. Charges includes Software usage, ISP (hosting & bandwidth), training and maintenance charges.

  6. Most recommended Lowest onetime cost, lowest running cost and minimum botheration.

System Requirements: Only PC/Laptop plus Internet Connectivity.

Advantages of OPTION 3: Browser (Internet Server) version Pay-per-Use

Since the facilities required for Server/Browser version incur heavy cost, advantages are obvious for complete outsourcing of ISP Services (OPTION 3) than maintaining a complete infrastructure at your end (OPTION 2).

Some countable advantages of pay-per-use Operation are:

  1. No botheration of maintaining technical infrastructure.

  2. Freedom from technical tasks of installing, maintaining and backup of software and data.

  3. Access from anywhere based on your rights & privileges.

  4. Students, parents and faculty members can equally participate.

  5. Safety of data from forced investigation (As the data is not present at your work location).

  6. Create as many branches. Software grows as you grow your business.

  7. Updates & features are reflected immediately as they are developed without bothering you.

  8. Previous year's data can be accessed from Backup server if required.

The only disadvantage of pay-per-use Operation is: Work would be held up in absence of internet. However, a internet backup arrangement can be maintained by keeping a wireless internet USB dongle and using it in cases of wired internet failure.

After understanding the comparative advantages and disadvantages of online and offline systems, the Browser version of software which runs on the Server-Client structure within a closed network or over the internet and can also be connected to the website emerges as the obvious choice in the current scenario.

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