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Online Alumni Register

Alumni are generally former students who graduated from the school, college or university or it could also be former members or employees of that institute. Every institute has an alumni association who keep in touch with the former students and employees to organize events, publish articles in newsletters and magazines, provide a forum to form new groups and business relationships with people of similar interest, etc. Some institutes also provide membership benefits and other privileges to alumni. Enhanced Campus Automation System offers an online alumni registration software module to form such associations for institutional benefits.

Online Alumni Register
Online Alumni Register

Online Alumni Registration and Communication

ECAS helps create contacts among the institute and their former members or students. This is very beneficial for people with similar background or profession. It is a very useful tool to locate alumni through email or phone which is registered in the database of the system. Former students and staff are always invited to give some advice to the new students to get them accustomed to the institute environment. This is only possible if the institute has an alumni department and a campus automation software like ECAS to manage them.

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