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Online Franchisee Management System

Several educational institutions like schools, colleges and coaching classes have branches across the state or country. While each institution is run by an individual or group, but as an owner, you would like to have control over the overall workings of all the branches or franchisees. However, communicating via email can be time consuming here and also not a very good method for getting reliable and consistent information. ECAS would save time in this case. This is a system with which you can manage the administration of all the branches from one place, via the internet.

The Enhanced Campus Automation System or Software helps to automate all the administration processes of an educational institute. It is a browser based application which can be run on various servers.

Online Franchises Management System

How ECAS helps an Institute to manage its Branches and Franchisees

ECAS has several modules which you can view when you login to the interface. Moreover, you can customize the interface to suit your needs. The software also gives you the permission of limiting access to each user or administrator. In this case, they would be able to see only those modules that they have access to.

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