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Recieve user Queries and Reply Them at the Help Centre

The use of learning management system platform is not just limited to online training and smart class system for live classes and virtual education. The lms learning management system in higher education can also be implemented in various other domains as learning management system for business where there is need of constant information exchange with your members or consumers.

One such use on online learning management systems is their use as healthcare learning management systems where the pharmacy companies keep their medical representatives and doctors updated with the knowledge about each new product made available in the market. The members of this healthcare learning management system in return need to post their queries for clarification and more online learning. The HelpDesk module of the Addmen Learning management system is brought to use to facilitate the corporate e learning platform.

How the helpdesk module works?

Users can get in touch with the administrator to notify their issues or complaints and request for help. The replies and solutions given by the administrator are immediately notified back to the students.

There can be preset categories of queries or there may be custom user defined query subjects. In case of predefined query subjects it is also possible to map an administrator to a particular subject so that the queries reach the desk of the concerned administrator only. For example there can be predefined query categories like Admissions, Hostel, transportation and the queries raised in these categories will be automatically routed to the respective administrator mapped to that query.

An unattended issue is highlighted as Blue, while the color changes to Green as soon as a response is received from the administrator. If the query is not responded within a period of 3 days, the matter is automatically escalated to the super administrator who is prompted with such pending queries highlighted as red color on his dashboard.

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