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OMR Scanner in India for OMR Sheet Scanning

A simple document image scanner is required that can scan at an optimally good speed.
Later the Addmen OMR Reader Software shall be utilized for reading and extracting OMR information extraction and result handling of the scanned OMR sheet images.

The scanner of any brand and model can be used to scan the OMR sheets.
You can use any scanner which is available in India.

OMR Scanner Manufacturer, Models and OMR Sheet Scanner Price (OMR Scanner Price in India)

Flatbed Scanner v/s Automatic (ADF) Scanner

The use of flatbed scanner is very rare as it scans the sheet one by one. However, the automatic scanner (ADF) is preferred by most of the users.

You can use ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) scanner or multiple sheet fed scanner if you need high speed scanning. The exertion in putting every sheet to the flatbed scanner is minimized as you can put 30-50 sheets in ADF scanner pocket.

Image Scanners with Automatic Document Feeders for good OMR Scanning Speed. Many types of document feed scanner are available which can be used as the OMR sheet scanner for different workloads.

OMR Sheet Scanner Models & Price

Flatbed scanners or ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) Image scanners are available everywhere and very reasonably priced. You can choose the scanner as per the workload you have and your budget.

Starting Range > Cheapest model of multiple sheet fed scanner used for OMR Sheet Scanning are priced around INR 10,000/-. These multi feed document scanners scan at an approx. speed of 5-10 pages per minute. These are reasonably good machines well suited for a workload of around 1000 sheets at a time.

Professional Range > High speed ADF Image scanners or Document Scanners for OMR Sheet Scanning have a price range of INR 20,000-15,00,000/-. Lower end scanners scan at a speed of approx. 20-30 pages per minute while high end scanners scan at a speed of around 80-120 pages per minute.

Various models are available from regular brands like HP, Canon, Samsung, Epson, Fujitsu, Avision, Kyocera, Plustek, Brother etc. Starting price range of ADF scanners is Rs. 10000/- which is the price of multifunction scanner from HP and is able to scan about 5 pages/min or 5 ppm. There are many models in this price range.

You can opt high speed professional scanner which scans 20-150 pages/min. The price range of such scanner varies from INR 20000-20,00,000/-.

The PPM is concept related with the speed of the scanner. Try not to mistake it for OMR software sheet checking velocity. OMR Software speed is 1-5 pages/sec. So after scanning, you can expect to get result of 100 sheets in 2 minutes.

All the document feeder scanners available in market work well for Addmen OMR Sheet Scanner Software. We have received a good feedback about the performance of most of the scanner models from 3500 users of the OMR Software.

OMR Scanner Price and Models
OMR Scanner Price and Models
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