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Features Related to Scanning of OMR Sheets

Freedom to choose your scanner

Scanner used for scanning OMR sheets and OMR Mark Reader Software are not linked. Scanning can be done on any PC. No compatibility is required. Scanner of Any Company, Any Brand, Any Model can be used to scan OMR Sheets for Addmen OMR Softwares.

You can scan using whatever scanner you have. You can scan on any PC, wherever you have installed your document scanner. It is not compulsory that the OMR sheet scanning can be done only on the computer where you have your OMR Software installed. OMR Software installation and OMR Sheet Scanning can be done on different computers.

This gives you absolute freedom, because if you have many branches, but you do not want to spend much money on OMR Software, then you can scan the OMR sheets at your branches/ other centres and bring them to head office by email or FTP. So you can do OMR Sheet checking centrally at your head office using the single OMR Software license.

OMR Sheet Scanning adjustments and flexibilities

Automatic Reading after Scanning of OMR Sheets

Addmen OMR Software has the feature to auto read the sheets from the folder as soon as they are created by the scanner. So when there is a continuous task of reading sheets like collection of application forms in the admission season, the operator has to simply put the sheet in the scanner pocket and press the scan button on the scanner. The sheet will be automatically scanned, the image will be formed in a folder and as soon as the image is formed the sheet will be read and data inserted into the required location.

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