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Student Admission Register Interface in ECAS

The admission or registration interface is totally dynamic and client-end customisable.

Personal Information Fields for Student Registration in ECAS

As you see in the below image, there are certain fields from Name to National ID. These are certain fields which are definitely required by any institute and from any category of member being registered whether Leads (Enquiry), Student, Staff or Admin.

These are 18 fields with the purpose of storing Name of Candidate, Father and Mother or Spouse name, Gender, Date of Birth, Primary and Secondary or Office and Residence Phone or Student and Parent phone, email address, postal address with City, PIN, State and a unique National ID.

The names and title of these fields can be changed and the unwanted extra fields can be disabled to minimise tab movement. If required these can be used for other purpose also.

Dynamic fields according to various applicable groups and filters

Below the personal information fields there are several fields with drop-down lists of pre-filled values one of which can be selected. These drop-down lists are furnished with preset values from the masters that are build by the administrator or the users depending upon their permissions.

Master Entry : Certain dynamic fields do not have possibility of frequently adding more values like the course list. A course is hardly added or removed once in a year. So this master entry can be restricted by the administrator for himself but certain entries like a new School or previous institute of the child might be required to be added with every new admission form, for which the user making the form entry will need the permission to add master values. So the master entry is divided into two levels; Admin level master entry and User level master entry.

Certain fields are entered as text which get converted to master entries upon saving and is available as prefetch text for the next record entry.

The behaviour of these fields can be controlled by the administrator. Just by changing the settings certain fields can be made compulsory or non-compulsory.

Registration and Admission

Adding more fields for accommodating Excess and Supplementary information

The extent of personal information fields is not limited to only this. More and more fields can be added as there is possible to add about 250 fields of information for each candidate and to the best possible extent, these fields can be titled, grouped and ordered according to the administrator.

ECAS allows you to add more supplementary pages to the Admission form. These supplementary pages may be dedicated to specific groups of information like :

Some screenshots of the supplementary forms are attached below.

Registration and Admission

Samples of Reports and Outputs generated from this Module

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