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Telephonic Lead Management

Most of the enquiries made in schools, colleges, universities, coaching institutes, etc are done through telephone because of its instant mode of communication. Unlike online enquiries, you get the information instantly on a telephone from any location without going to the institute. There is a heavy call load in such enquiry departments and it needs to be attended efficiently. The customers calling cannot wait for too long in the queue and this can affect the business of an education institute. ECAS (Enhanced Campus Automation System) helps you handle such telephonic lead management tasks very efficiently and without any errors.

How does the Telephonic Leads Management feature of Institute Management Software Work?

Telephonic Lead Management

Features of Telephonic Leads Management in ECAS

A lot of information is exchanged during enquiries regarding the institute, its course, fees, subjects, future development, etc. In telephonic enquiries, such huge amount of information needs documentation and a record of interactions needs to be maintained for future references. Apart from being the best school management software, ECAS provides a very versatile facility for leads management in institute management system.

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