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Students Admission Register in ECAS

The student registration interface in ECAS is dynamic and can be totally customised by the client administrator just by the mere play or settings. The layout of the Admission form, the type and behaviour of the fields in the application/admission form, listing order of registered records, length and composition of Admission Code can also be set by the administrator as per need.

The changes can be done at the client end by the client administrator himself, without the dependency on the developer team. Read #Layout Settings to know more about how to set the member registration interface in ECAS.

Dynamically defined Admission Form Layout and Field Structure

The interface contains some fields to collect personal information and some other fields based on the institutional parameters like Course and Class/Batch etc. to place the student record with proper classification in database.

User defined Admission Code

Students Admissions Register

More fields can be added for supplementary information.

Students Admissions Register
Students Admissions Register
Students Admissions Register
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