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Leads Registration and Management of New Admission Enquiries and Follow-ups

The walk-in enquiries can be registered by Admission officers and Student Counsellors from their logins in the institute office. The candidate himself can raise an admission related enquiry from the website of the institute where he fills a small small form and is registered as a lead in institute management system. On the part of administrators and system users, the procedure for adding an enquiry is all similar to the procedure of adding a student. The enquiry registration interface is identical to the student admission form.

Difference between Enquiry Register and Student Register

The enquiry register is kept separate from the admission register because there might be hundreds of enquiries coming to the institute from the website or as walk-ins. Only few of them get converted to admissions. So the list of enquiries has importance and relevance till the admission season but not for all the activities throughout the year.

To keep the list of students and the admission code or roll number sequence undisturbed, the admission register is kept different from the enquiry register. In ECAS, the enquiry number pattern may be kept different from the admission number pattern.

Design of Enquiry Form

The design of enquiry form is different from the student admission form because the type of information required from an admission enquiry before the admission is somewhat different from the fields of information that is required to be maintained for an admitted student. For example, the course and batch for which the students is enrolled after admission does not exist at the time of enquiry before admission. So though the procedure of registering an enquiry is same as student admission still there can be a desired difference.

Enquiry Management Software

Following figure shows the screenshot of the limited fields of the Enquiry Registration Form

Enquiry Management Software

Following figure shows the screenshot of the Online Enquiry registration or Online Application Form of ECAS integrated with the website.

Enquiry Management Software

Followup of Admission Enquiries and Communication with registered Leads and Students in ECAS

ECAS helps in efficient followup of the business leads in form of Admission enquiries by keeping a date wise systematic track of every interaction done with any lead. When an enquiry is registered, there is provision to record the interaction done with the enquiry, its key points to help the counsellor remember the context in next interaction. The date of each interaction is automatically recorded at the time of recording the interaction. The next followup date can be set after each interaction. The counsellor can draw out a report for date wise followups scheduled for future. There is also a provision to draw a quick list of candidates to be followed today.

ECAS helps in providing ready date wise follow up list along with the last communication details. This not only helps in tracking the need and behaviour of the enquiry but also helps in tackling difficult to convert enquiries by studying the whole track of interaction done with them.

Sometimes if the counsellor who has been following a given enquiry is on long leave or has access workload then there are chances that the admission leads will not be attended properly in time and the business may be lost. For this it is really imperative for the replacement counsellor to get a timely reminder on the next followup date for that admission lead along with all the interaction done with that lead previously.

The same features and method prevails while following the student and staff members of the institute.

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