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Reports Generation Interface in ECAS

Reports can be generated with utmost flexibility. First of all the user can select target data by using the complex filtering system of ECAS. As explained in the Data Searching section, the ECAS makes available all the fields for dynamic searching.

Reports Features and FAQs
Features Related to Report Generation in ECAS

Several Report for each data search query

Single search query performed on the identified group of students can help in generating many different reports. For example the query for collection records performed on the fee receipt data table can provide several outputs like collection register, duplicate copies of receipts, tuition fee payment certificate etc.

Similarly the query performed to fetch headwise transaction data from the database can deliver several reports like, fee payment advice, headwise collection, headwise summary of accounts, headwise dues list etc.

Sub filters for each report

Each report is further supported with context specific sub filters, which are displayed as soon as the specific report is selected. The purpose of these sub filters is to further narrow down the search to the precise records that are sought to be listed.

Even the reports output also used itself as a filter to further perform second level of complex search. When we draw out a report suiting to a specific filter criteria, the members falling in that search criteria range can be isolated to apply more filters for further reporting.

For example: Member Contact list is one type of report and Member Dues list is another type of report. But is a user wants the contact lists of members whose dues are more than Rs.1000, then the process would be to draw out a member dues list report and then fetch the IDs of the members falling under this report and then draw out the member contact list for all such students.

Several layouts for each report can be drawn

Each report can be drawn out as several layouts. For example, the Collection Register can be drawn out as daily collection or Weekly collection or Date wise grouped collection or Course wise collection or class wise collection etc. The same report can be super filtered to list total collection or collection from cheques or cash transactions only.

Multiple export formats

Each report can be drawn out in several layouts and in several formats. A dropdown list of various formats is available at the bottom of the screen close to the generate report btoon, from where the user can choose to export the report data in PDF, Excel, XML, CSV and many other formats. PDF is the default output format.

Access permissions on the report interface

The activities on the report generation interface are limited by several permissions.

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