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Commercial Terms For Implementation of One-Time License Purchase Option

Note: Following text describes the scope of Implementation Terms encompassing any given project. All the below mentioned Terms might not apply to all projects. The list is trimmed down as per every project.

Installation & Licensing

  1. Software can be deployed within ____working days of receiving the order.

  2. Training of all modules will be in phases and can be start on same day of deployment.

  3. Customisation(if any)  & Training of all phases/modules shall be accomplished in _____ days.

  4. Setup CD of the software is provided to the client for independent installation if required. Setup is not dependent on CD, it can also be downloaded from the website

  5. A hardware lock (dongle) is also provided to deter piracy, so that at a time one license will run at one Server (in case of browser based) or one LAN.

  6. There is provision to register soft key on single Server/PC where USB lock cannot be inserted.

  7. License is valid for lifetime. If client maintains a backup of last successfully installed/used version of the software and a backup of the last used copy of database then they can reinstall it anytime later.

  8. Where software is installed on client’s owned or outsourced server, Operating System and supporting software licenses to be arranged by client.

  9. In case of Lease/Rental/pay-per-use or onetime purchase where we provide ISP/Cloud hosting, the data is maintained at Addmen server till the duration of active subscription. Later on expiry of subscription the data is handed over to client.

Special Provisions & Inclusions having commercial significance

(valid only for orders above INR 1,00,000)

  1. Includes 5,000 SMS for initial flag off.
  2. Software prices includes cost of client side implementation/training @ 1 day per INR 50000 of the software purchase price. Travel charges (single trip) for such visits will be borne by Addmen. Local hospitality (Conveyance, Lodging, Boarding) to be arranged by client.
  3. The system is scalable and can be used free of charge over multiple branches if the system definition is same amongst all branches and other branches are able to access the parent server through WAN or Internet.
  4. If independent deployments are required on multiple servers placed in different institutions then same shall be carried out at INR 25000 per deployment. AMC however shall be charged for every deployment and shall be equal to the AMC of original license.
  5. 1 year hosting on Addmen’s demo cloud server shall be provided free of cost by Addmen upto the scale of 1 GB per INR 25000 product price.


  1. Prices valid till 30 days from the date of this quotation.

  2. CST @ 5% applicable to all or any of the above mentioned price figures.

  3. For Private Organisations:

    • Along with P.O., 50% of the product price to be paid as advance.

    • Remaining 50% to be cleared on receipt of the software license packet by post.

    • License will be activated permanently and Training and technical support or customisations commence only after 100% payment is cleared.

  4. For all POs of Government Organisations and for Private Organisation POs above INR 100,000:

    • License will be deployed with temporary activation on the basis of P.O. and 50% advance payment. Training and support shall start.

    • Remaining 50% payment to be cleared within 30 days of deployment.

    • License will be activated permanently and customisations commence only after 100% payment is cleared.

  5. Prices quoted in this proposal are product prices only. The product price does not include any onsite visit for demonstration or training.

  6. Final package price will be quoted after discussion regarding implementation, no. of visits, days of training & payment plan.

  7. In case of further outstation onsite visits for demonstration or installation and training in India, the client has to bear the cost of travel, lodging & boarding and an additional service charge of INR 2500 per working day and INR 1000 per travelling day shall be charged.

  8. In case of further in-station onsite visit for demo/installation/training/technical support, the client has to bear an additional service charge of INR 1000 per day.

Training, Support & AMC

  1. One year training and technical support from the date of supply/first installation is included in the basic software cost.

  2. Besides included free visits (if any) for first Installation and Training, further Training and support is rendered through email, telephone or desktop sharing.

  3. After 1 year, client can subscribe to AMC at 10% of the basic price to receive updates or technical guidance. AMC will allow the user to upgrade the software to a newer available version. AMC price does not include onsite visits.


  1. Any customizations in the product outside the scope of the current standard package shall entail additional charges as the case may be.

  2. In case of multiple deployments for the same client, the Admission Fees and other data structures are different for Different branches, a customized setup charge of INR 25000 shall be applicable.

ECAS Terms for Purchase Option
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